Porridge Bars

Handmade Porridge, Seed & Honey Bar

We make this delicious porridge, seed and honey bar by hand, using only the finest ingredients with no artificial preservatives, additives or hydrogenated fat.

Being small and packed full of energy, the porridge, seed and honey bar is ideal to take with you on hiking trips, mountain climbing and long distance cycle rides, “your piece” to keep you going when your energy is running low. Weighing in at 75g it is the perfect mid-morning snack, delicious with a large cup of café latte.

Ingredients include: honey, Scottish grown porridge oats, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, linseed and poppy seeds.

Handmade Porridge, Seed & Goji Bar

Delicious flapjack, made with a handful of mixed seeds and some nutritious goji berries. Some say a goji berry is a “super food”, we say it tastes super and is the perfect addition to our porridge bar.

Ingredients include: Honey, Scottish grown porridge oats, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, goji berries and linseed.

Handmade Porridge, Seed & Blueberry Bar

This is a delicious slice of handmade flapjack with seeds and some delicious, ripe blueberries. Perfect for your kid’s play piece or for an energy-giving boost half way up a Munro!