Breakfast Cereals

“Fife Mix” Muesli 500g 

Try our delicious muesli as an alternative to your morning porridge. This unique blend is packed full of fruit and has no added sugar.

At its heart can be found Scottish grown rolled oats which with a splash of chilled milk, makes for the perfect start to the day.

“Beggars Mantle” Luxury Muesli 500g

We have added 40% fruit, nuts and seeds to make our unique luxury “Beggars Mantle” mix. Why “Beggars Mantle”? Well, James VI of Scotland is said to have described Fife as a “Beggars Mantle fringed with gold…” The gold he referred to was the string of wealthy fishing villages on the coast, made rich through trade with the Low Countries and the “Beggars Mantle” referred to the impoverished interior. This is ironic given that today Fife is known for having some of Scotland’s richest and most productive agricultural land. This land yields excellent quality oats that help make up the heart of our luxury muesli.


We have come up with a deliciously unique breakfast cereal: Muesola. It is the perfect blend of Muesli and Granola (no added sugar). We use Scottish grown oats to create the heart of this blend and added honey and apple juice to give our granola a delicious sweetness. When combined they make a delightfully balanced breakfast cereal, which is like nothing else. Try some with a splash of milk and some fresh fruit. The perfect, healthy start to your day.

“Don’t forget your piece!”