Handmade Porridge Oatcakes

We have worked very hard to develop what we think is the perfect cheese partner. Our delicious, hand-made, porridge oatcakes just the right thickness to carry the cheese. Not too thick to overwhelm and not too thin to be lost.

We have pioneered the use of the porridge oat because it’s fruitier and juicier than the traditional ground oat. We think that this fresh, juicy characteristic adds something quite special that you will not find in any other oatcake.

Our oatcakes are available in “Gift Tube” format, this ensures that  you receive them in the best possible condition. The tube is recyclable and reusable.

We hope you enjoy these little fellas, try them with crumbly cheese and some fresh figs. Delicious!

Handmade Oatmeal Oatcakes

The hand-made oatcake is quite a different beast to the machine made, mass produced version that one finds on the supermarket shelf. When we say “hand-made” we really mean these oatcakes are individually hand crafted and we use only the finest local ingredients.

As with our porridge oatcakes, the dimensions of our traditional version are the perfect mouthful and the “Gift Tube” version is protected by our reusable, recyclable, rigid tube.

Fresh and crumbly with a delicate oaty flavour these guys are delicious with robust, moist cheese. Try them with a spoon of mature Epoisse and a slice of quince jelly. Equally they are great with pickled herring or you could wedge a couple in your stovies. Sensational!

Handmade 5 Seed Oatcakes

We have taken our handmade oatcakes and rolled them in a mixture of seeds. This addition adds a delightful fruity crunch. They are great with a slice of cheddar and some tangy chutney. Available in both Porridge and Traditional recipes.

Authentic Beef Dripping Oatcakes

In days gone by, oatcakes were traditionally handmade on a griddle using beef dripping as shortening. We have reintroduced this idea as it adds a deliciously crispy crunch. The authentic handmade Scottish oatcake.

Fife Cut Porridge Oatcakes

We have taken our handmade porridge oatcakes and rolled them in a mixture of seeds. This adds a delightful nutty crunch and is great with a slice of cheddar and some tangy chutney.

Fife Cut Oatmeal Oatcakes

These are made using the same delicious recipe that we think yields the world’s greatest oatcake, but in a more refined format. Try them with a little smoked salmon pâté and a glass of Meursault.

You can take the oatcake out of Fife but you cannot take the Fife out of our oatcakes!

“You should never forget your piece!”